A Jamaican Twist on Chicken and Waffles

For hundreds of years now, lovers of ‘breakfast for dinner’ have been diving into chicken and waffles at any time of the day. This tasty dish has it all—sweet, fluffy waffles and crispy, savoury fried chicken. The question on our mind is: who do we have to thank for this amazing creation?

The Origin of Chicken and Waffles

The origin story of chicken and waffles is hotly debated amongst food scholars all over the world. Some believe that it was invented in the deep south in post-Civil War times. Fried chicken was considered trendy at this time in history and the chicken was often the only meat available year round. Every home would have a wafer iron as well so people were all set to make waffles.

Others believe it was invented by the Pennsylvania Dutch in the 1860s. They would enjoy waffles with chicken and gravy for supper on Sunday each week.

Still, others would swear that the dish was created by Harlem chefs when they started serving crispy fried chicken with a side of batter cooked with deep pockets—in other words, waffles.

We may never know exactly who invented them or how they came to be, but there is one thing we can all agree on: they are prime comfort food and are always delicious.

Our Twist on a Classic

Chef Courtney at Wi Jammin Cafe has put his own creative twist on this classic by adding the flavours of his Jamaican home as well as his signature cereal crumbs to his fluffy Belgian waffles and tender chicken strips.

If you’re ready to mix things up the next time you’re craving chicken and waffles, he will happily dish up a few golden fried Jamaican breast tenders and a perfect buttermilk Belgian waffle. He’ll top your waffle with a crumble from your favourite breakfast cereal, too. This meal takes sweet and savoury to a whole new level!

Chef Courtney wants everyone to enjoy his version of this meal so much that he’s offering $2 off when you repost this blog post and show us throughout the month of March! So come to Wi Jammin Cafe for some chicken and waffles, or make your order online today!



A Taste of Jamaica in Los Angeles

Known for its sunny weather, sandy beaches, and beautiful waters, Jamaica has so much to offer to the lucky ones that set foot on the Caribbean island. Fortunately, you don’t need to cross the sea to experiment one of Jamaica’s most treasured traditions: Its food.

Wi Jammin Cafe, a hidden gem located in the heart of Los Angeles, has been successfully delighting patrons with Jamaican-American fusion for almost seven years. Whether you’re an Angeleno or a visitor, give the restaurant a try when you have the chance!  

What does Jamaican Cuisine Look Like?

When it comes to food, Jamaica is internationally famous for jerk cuisine. Jerk is a method of cooking and seasoning that can be used with any meat—even though chicken is, by far, the most popular.

In this technique, the meat is scored and marinated or dry-rubbed with pimento and a combination of spices. Afterwards, the meat is barbecued on pimento wood to protect it from the flames and to enhance the aroma. At first, this method looks a bit rustic, but it requires a lot of experience to use smoke and sweetwood properly. When done right, the meat tastes juicy and spicy.

For those seeking a healthier lifestyle, Jamaica is also steeped in the tradition of the Ital cuisine. Introduced by Rastafarians, possibly the most iconic symbols of the Jamaican culture, Ital food is vegetarian and doesn’t use salt.   

Wi Jammin Cafe

Raised on Jamaican cuisine, chef Courtney discovered his passion for cooking after attending Le Cordon Bleu’s schooling program. Almost seven years ago, he took over his mom’s breakfast restaurant and changed the menu to accommodate his original creations.

Chef Courtney defines his cuisine style as Jamaican-American fusion, and some of his most popular dishes include french toast with cereal toppings, jerk turkey burgers, and chicken and waffles. “I take favorite American dishes and add Jamaican seasonings and styles of cooking to them”, he explains.

When asked about his favorite dishes, he reveals that he loves an authentic Jamaican brown stew chicken, but he’s also a big fan of American BBQ!

Have you ever had Jamaican-American food? If you haven’t, treat your taste buds to the delicious creations made by chef Courtney at Wi Jammin Cafe. Click here to order online or check out our website for our hours.