French Toast Bursting with Color AND Flavor

Jamaican cuisine is famous across the world for its wild collisions of traditional dishes, and Wi Jammin Cafe has embraced this concept with our delicious menu of Jamaican chicken and waffles, Jammin jerk burgers, and maple-glazed salmon. Nothing compares in creativity or flavor to our one-of-a-kind crushed cereal french toast.

History of French Toast

French toast has been a delicacy for cultures across the world for hundreds of years, with the earliest french toast recipes dating back to the Roman Empire!

In this original version, the recipe called for the bread to be sliced up into small chunks before being dipped in egg and milk, fried in a fire, and served with honey.

As time went on, the different regions of Europe all adopted french toast into their culinary styles, giving it different names such as Arme Ritter (or “poor knight”) in Germany, and Pain Perdu (or “lost bread” because it was usually made with leftover pieces) in France.

Many theories exist for how the delicious snack earned its modern name, with the most popular being it was reinvented in upstate New York by innkeeper Joesph French, but who sold it as “French Toast” because he forgot the apostrophe!

How Wi Jammin Redefined a Classic

Chef Courtney has brought his years of culinary experience and training to Wi Jammin Cafe, and with the rest of our staff, he is on a quest to shake up the L.A. foodie culture.


Our talented staff is always coming up with new ways to redefine classic meals, but we want to make sure they get the seal of approval from our customers first. Visit our cafe today or order online to get a $5 coupon on any order over $25 and give your tastebuds an unforgettable experience.